With its premium prices and exclusive appeal, the luxury private jet, without a doubt, is the pinnacle of opulent travel. It has been the preferred choice of the affluent for air travel, given the convenience, security and comfort that it provides. While commonly associated with leisure and business travel, private jets can serve more than that purpose alone.

The sector plays a significant role during the global pandemic as increasing health concerns contributed to a surge in private jet charter inquiries in the past few months. As business travel remains silent in this period, a growing number of the wealthy elite choose private jet travel. Most of these flyers are willing to pay an added premium to ensure their safety and health around this time. This is even more prevalent as more private-jet charter companies present attractive deals to lure clients. With that, customers are given the freedom of finding the perfect option well-suited for their needs. As the whole world waits for the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic to subside, luxury private jets offer great promise for future travel.

Choosing the Right Aircraft

A refined and luxurious private jet experience first begins in determining the best aircraft, depending on your need. There are currently over 7,000 private jets accessible and free to charter around the globe. They usually vary in capacity with nuanced features that would help seal the deal for fliers in contributing to their perfect flying experience.

A private jet parked on an airport tarmac. Photo: Mjets

At present, there are five highly popular aircraft types that are in demand in the market. The smallest of the categories is known as the Very Light Jet or “VLJ.” This entry-level jet is the smallest in its class and could accommodate up to 5 passengers. While they are cost-effective and ideal for short flights of up to 2 hours, there is limited cabin space with restricted baggage room. The Light Jet, meanwhile, can fly for up to 2.5 hours and can carry up to 8 passengers at a time.

For those seeking more capabilities, the Midsize Jet can seat 10 passengers and has flight attendant service features. Its travel range of 5 hours is ideal for longer travel periods. If the previous categories seem lacking, the Large Jet and Ultra Long Range Jet, are the ultimate choices. These jets can travel for up to 6.5 and 12.5 hours, provide better comfort with ample baggage space, and support up to 18 passengers in total. 

The Perfect Audience for Luxury Private Jets

The cost of flying private is not by any means cheap, and while you may enjoy its many features and conveniences, its market is geared more to the well-off. It is often heralded in the media that only celebrities and multi-millionaire tycoons can afford. However, private jets are air taxis, in essence, used for short-distance travel.

A pilot greeting a family upon boarding. Photo: MayJets

Its market varies depending on its function but is mainly used by companies and executives on official business for a more convenient and quick trip. It is also the choice for families and travel groups who prefer to enjoy their solitude and privacy. Surprisingly, pet owners opt for this flying option to promote safety and reduce the stress of their beloved animals. The last and most obvious audience would be for jet-setters going on luxury holiday trips who wish to avail of a deluxe VIP treatment while on board. 

The Perks of Flying Private

Commercial flying can be a highly-stressful and arduous experience for many, with the average flyer falling in line for hours, undergoing various mandatory security screenings, and even experiencing setbacks with delayed or canceled flights.

The VIP Lounge of MJets’ private terminal in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: MJets

These problems, however, are almost non-existent for the private jet flyer. Boarding your own private jet means lesser waiting time and avoiding long check-in and security queues thanks to dedicated private terminals or FBO’s (Fixed-Base Operators). These exclusive terminals offer fast-track services that allow flyers to quickly go through all the airport formalities such as baggage handling, permits, customs and immigration procedures. These terminals also have posh executive lounges where clients can enjoy VIP services. Some even feature meeting rooms and private accommodations.

Private jets also have the advantage of flying on non-fixed schedules. This affords you the luxury to fly on-demand, when you need to based on your itinerary. Private jet charters are also not tied to major commercial airports. Landing on smaller hubs or airstrips means you can fly closer, if not directly, to your destination of choice – even to exotic islands or remote locations. This entirely eliminates the need for airport transfers, connecting flights and lengthy layovers, saving you even more time and potentially, money. 

A spacious private jet cabin with various seating options. Photo: MJets

All the perks and advantages carry over as soon as you board your private jet. You are guaranteed to be well-attended by your flight staff, who will secure your luggage and arrange all the necessary details the moment you step in. These luxury private flights offer stellar 5-star service. In-flight entertainment lets you pass the time while you binge-watch your favorite shows, listen to the freshest and hottest music or play the latest games. WiFi connectivity, on the other hand, guarantees that you do not miss out on crucial work deadlines and updates you with the latest news and events. Lie-flat beds and chairs with bigger leg space render superior comfort and allow passengers to fully rest and recharge. You can be assured of exquisite cuisine on board, with your crew catering to your health preferences and serving you five-star gourmet food.

Tea and various bread and pastries are served in-flight. Photo: MayJets

Exploring the Beauty of Asia 

Luxury private jets are your ticket to paradisaic destinations all around the globe. Private jet companies have built headquarters and provide chartered flights to many of the top destinations across the ASEAN region. Jet-setters can marvel in the majestic splendor of the tropical beaches of Phuket and Koh Samui in Thailand. Or take a peaceful respite away from the stress and worries in the spiritual sanctuary of Bali in Indonesia. Other flight destinations around Asia include Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more.

Guests of our private villas who are in need of chartered flights may get in touch with our Guest Experience Team who will gladly arrange your flight with our partner private jet provider.