Boarding the west of Seminyak and east of Canggu is the resort area of Kerobokan. It is well-known for its urban scene that has a beautiful blend of luxury lifestyles, modern development, and long stretches of gorgeous beaches. Features that stand out in the area include surf breaks at Berawa and the black sand beach. People who have been here also agree that it is the land of contrasts. It is common to spot designer boutiques and commercial blocks interwoven with patches of traditional rural villages and rice fields.

The main residential areas have plenty of attractions. These include a surf school where professional instructors conduct surfing lessons to kids and adults of varying skill levels. Be sure to visit the Primo Organic Chocolate Factory that is in the business of producing top-notch handmade chocolate. They make the products using cocoa beans that they source locally. Note that chocolate is seasonal because experts ground the beans at low temperatures and low speed a process also called “cold pressing.” Plan for a tour of the factory to learn more details about the entire process. Another notable landmark is Kerobokan jail that tourists also visit once in a while to get to learn about the life of the inmates.

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