Uluwatu, Bali is one of the most popular island tourist destination in Indonesia. It is neatly located at the cliff top upland in the Southern part of Indian Ocean and features sandy beaches, Landscape Mountains, and hills and a jagged coastline. It is known as the ultimate diving and surfing destination because of the high waves present. As a first time visitor, find an accessible and comfortable accommodation, for example, renting a luxury villa because there is a lot to do here. Below are some of the must-do activities to start you off.

Things to do in Uluwatu:

Swim in the clear ocean water and sunbathe as you enjoy your favorite book.

Surf on the blue ocean water where thunder waves are experienced. If you are beginner surfer, try the beach under the cliff where you will get small water swells from all directions.

Dine and wine from the various world-class restaurants available.

Marvel at romantic sunset- wait for the sunset at the beach as you enjoy the evening breeze.

Watch the Kecak dance performance that takes place at night under the moonlight on the beaches and at Uluwatu Temple. Some of the dancer dance on fire while others chant cak…cak…cak.

Visit the Uluwatu temple – this is one of the most sacred and oldest Temple in Uluwatu. Utilize the local guides as you walk through to give you the real cultural significance of the place. You will also get an incredible view of the Indian Ocean from the cliffs.

Healing treatment – holistic advice is available from the local nutritionist.

Pamper yourself from one the numerous Spas and get a deep tissue massage which is a signature pleasure here.

Explore the nightlife – the pubs, bars and discos come alive at night with excited revelers.

Last but not least, see some resident monkeys and exotic birds.