On the southern edge of the Sirinat National Park, in the northwest corner of Phuket, Naithon is an incredible example of the true scenic beauty of Phuket. Here, luxury meets the riches of the natural world with a 13-kilometer coastline of white-sand beaches fringed by pines and a conservation area covering some 90 square kilometers, much of which is marine-protected waters. Naithon has two beaches, Hat Naithon Yai and Hat Naithon Noi, and is a gloriously sheltered inlet that favors swimming. This part of Phuket is famed for its nesting turtles who lay eggs on nearby Mai Khao Beach and Hat Nai Yang sands where there is also a beautiful coral reef and snorkeling adventures. Meanwhile, Hat Sai Kaew Beach is home to seafront restaurants and mangrove forests where kingfishers can be spotted too; not to mention being one of the most renowned sunset spots on the whole of the island.