Boasting a 10-kilometer long strip of immaculate white sands, Natai Beach lies just outside Phuket, north of the airport on the western shores of Phang Nga Province. Unspoilt, secluded, and idyllically peaceful, Natai inspires a feeling of truly getting away from it all. The surrounding area is undeveloped as is the beach which is y free of hawkers, tourist trappings and activities. A protected area, Natai is also known for its beautifully preserved coral reefs. The marine-protected Sirinat National Park, AO Phang Nga National Park with its iconic limestone karsts, and Khao Sok National Park with its incredible biodiversity are close by. Meanwhile, boat trips explore the picture-perfect Phang Nga Bay and the divine islands of Phi Phi too. Natai borders Thailand’s verdant green forests and is a beachfront sanctuary where luxury vacationers can step away from the usual tourist destinations and effortlessly unwind in their own private oasis.

Each part of Phuket offers visitors something different, from incredibly natural beach settings to an impressive array of things to do; with luxury villas defining the holiday experience too.