Koh Samui is a real secluded tropical paradise for everyone who seeks a peaceful getaway from the busy world. The island is so well-known by its pristine enchanting beaches, crystal clear sea, warm water, and calm ocean suitable for swimming and other kinds of beach activities. With these harmonious surroundings, Koh Samui is rarely known for shopping venues, especially those mega malls that roamers usually found in the city.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Koh Samui does not have malls to cater the need of shoppers. There are many shopping arcades on the island, but there are just two standard shopping malls where visitors will find fine dining options, brand name garments, accessories or even a food court and supermarket. Here is a list of the two malls travelers can rely on when they are on Koh Samui.

1. The Central Festival Samui

Located on the east coast of Koh Samui between Chaweng and the fresh water lake, the Central Festival Samui is a three-storey building sit on a massive land of 90,000 sqm. The mall is the most equipped and biggest mall on the island. It has four sections decorated with different themes namely Chaweng Port, Bird Cage, Fisherman Village and Beach Town Market.

Each of the section features both international and local brands for dining options, fashion outlets and entertainment areas. There are well-known names such as Starbuck Coffee, Wine Connection, MK Restaurant, Swensen’s, Supersports, Uni-Qlo, Jim Thompson, Rip Curl and many more.

There is also a huge food court proving good food with competitive prices as well as a Tops Super Market that sells all kinds of goods from the fresh fruits to imported products.

A family with kids can also enjoy in a Pirates of the Mario Land game arcade while teenagers might want to explore the XD Theatre for 6D Motion Ride Experience.

Central Festival Samui is open daily from 11.00 to 23.00 hrs.

2. The Wharf Samui


This Wharf Samui had just opened a year ago. This mall is located in Bophut area where visitors can also enjoy a Fisherman Walking Street on Friday as it is situated next to the mall.  The Wharf is charming because of its beachside location where it is also surrounded by dining options, café with good coffee and bakery, beachside hotels or even boutique fashion outlets.

The mall itself is open-air with several restaurants, fashion shops or even a food court. It normally has many activities such as concert and competitions for mall goers to participate and enjoy. The Wharf opens daily from 11.00 to 23.00 hrs. To find out more about the mall, check out The Wharf Samui: A Shopping Mall by the Beach.

For those who love roadside shops and flea market with local handmade products, should visit these roadside Shopping Markets on Koh Samui.

Images sources: kosamui.com, traveljournalist.com