Located on the northwestern coast of Phuket, Bang Tao Beach ranks one of the longest beaches on the island. Also known as Laguna Beach, this extensive area is home to the luxurious complex of Laguna Phuket. This pristine beach is about a 25-minute drive from the Phuket International Airport and is also close to the famous and lively beach destination of Phuket – Patong Beach.

The Beaches

Bang Tao Beach

Boasting a pristine 6-km stretch of powdery white sand beach, Bang Tao is home to the Laguna Phuket complex that features luxury accommodations and a world-renowned golf course. The beach itself is not crowded as most of the beach areas are part of the mega-resort. The best time to visit and swim at Bang Tao beach is during the dry season which falls from November to April where the sea is calm and clear. Although Bang Tao is mostly occupied by the expansive complex, there are still other accommodations such as hotels, resorts and private villas available on the southern end of the bay.

Layan Beach

Located on the northern end of Bang Tao Beach, on the west coast of Phuket, is Layan Beach. Relatively isolated, this area offers a calm and relaxing haven for beachgoers to enjoy a blissful combination of sea, sand, and sun. It is a 15-minute drive away from Bang Tao. The sea is placid due to Kala Island that shelters the beach from the strong winds and waves. Visitors can also travel to Kala Island from Kayan Beach as it is just a few meters away.

Banana Beach

One of the most hidden beaches in Phuket, Banana Beach, sits between Bang Tao and Nai Thon. The beach is concealed behind trees that fringe the coastline. Banana Beach is a real gem for those who seek a tranquil tropical heaven. It is not crowded with tourists and great for swimming from November to May.

Hotel Accommodations

Over 100 hotels and resorts are available in Bang Tao area. The best ones are offered by the six luxurious properties nestled inside the sophisticated Laguna Phuket resort.

Vacation Rentals & Villas

Bang Tao is teeming with vacation rentals ranging from apartments to luxurious private villas. Over a hundred vacation homes are available for rent in the area. Some of the best luxury villas located in the Bang Tao and Layan vicinity include La Colline Villa 14 and La Colline Villa 8. These 7-bedroom properties boast of huge living spaces, state-of-the-art amenities, and personalized services from its dedicated villa staff.

Day Attractions & Activities

Thanks to its prime location, Bang Tao has several fun and exciting activities that friends, families, couples, and even solo vacationers, can enjoy. For active roamers, Bang Tao has several sports activities such as golfing at the esteemed course of Laguna Phuket. For those who seek more adventurous experiences in Phuket, they can try wakeboarding at the Anthem Wake Park or trek into the untamed jungles of the island. A relaxing horseback ride along Bang Tao Beach is also perfect for travelers of all ages.

Dining & Shopping


Most of the shopping venues in this area are boutique shops with specially-made products such as in Lemongrass House where it sells natural products from soap to baby powder, making a great place to shop for quality souvenirs to bring home. Other than that there are several antique shops where one can shop for Thai handicrafts and artworks. Also, see shopping malls in Phuket.


Bang Tao is a dynamic beach strip where visitors will find numerous dining options ranging from affordable eats to moderately-priced restaurants. Many of the restaurants in the area also come with an excellent view of the beach and its scenic surroundings. One of the must-try restaurants in the area is Riverside Restaurant which serves sumptuous local favorites at friendly rates. Another well-reviewed restaurant in the area is the Mamma Mia Grill & Restaurant which is a steakhouse that also serves European and Swedish specialties.


Bang Tao offers a more sophisticated and chilled-out nightlife experience to travelers. There are numerous beach clubs in the area such as Catch Beach Club and Xana Beach Club. A good selection of bars and restaurants that offer refreshing beers and cocktails can also be found inside shopping hubs such as Boat Avenue and Tinlay Place.