Inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic culture and history, The Phuket FantaSea Show is held in the Phuket FantaSea cultural theme park. The park boasts a 3,000-seat theater and a 4,000-seat buffet restaurant.
The show combines the beauty of Thai traditions and cultural heritage with alluring special effects created with the help of cutting edge technology. The result is a brilliant and exceptional theatrical and cultural show that includes acrobatics, aerial performances, stunts and much more. The Phuket FantaSea Cultural show opened in 1998 and is one of the island’s best tourist destinations.

A cast of 400 people performs at the show together with 44 elephants, 40 chickens, 40 goats, 400 pigeons, and 3 tigers. The show is a Las-Vegas style cultural show with a variety of fun and entertaining activities.

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A carnival village is also one the greatest attraction of Phuket FantaSea that showcases shops, games, handicrafts and a plethora of other exciting features.

The 4,000-seater buffet restaurant offers a menu of Thailand’s traditional cuisines. Guests can also expect a four-hour tour and a round-trip to and from different hotels.

Nine interesting shows opens at 9 AM, which runs in accordance with time. Guests get to enjoy a fantastic show on Thai mythology and culture which runs for 70 minutes. The park is opened to the public daily. The main show is characterized by intricate traditional dances performed by dancers from throughout Thailand; the main show is set in the form of a story. And while the story can be difficult to follow for some part of the complex show punctuated by loud explosions, rain, souring people is a unique spectacle worth every minute. The shadow puppetry and performers’ intricate wardrobe design are one of the show’s highlight.
Many activities can be done at the park before watching a show. One of the unique, much-loved activity is an elephant ride around the Songbird Luminarie. Alternatively, guests can opt for the Palace of elephants show. The latter is a theater designed to resemble an ancient palace similar to the famous Angkor Wat of Cambodia. This show is as impressive as the main show and offers guests an opportunity to view Thailand’s elephant heritage.

There are many reasons why a trip to Phuket is never complete without a journey to The Phuket Fantasea Show. The number one reason is that the show is intricately put together and has no age restrictions. In this regard, it is ideal for families, groups of friends, or travelers who want to learn about Thai culture in a fun and entertaining setting. Also, the Phuket FantaSea Theme Park has a lot to offer apart from the show.

One important reminder before you head to the Phuket FantaSea show is that cameras are not allowed inside the main theater. Hence, all attendees are required to leave their cameras at the security checkpoint.