There are some places lauded for being the best romantic spots in the world. While these places may have it’s it factor, they may not have much to give.

In Bali, you can picture yourself in a private spot surrounded by nothing but the beauty of nature. You can imagine you and your loved one walking hand in hand in a marigold field or taking a short trek along the rice field with nothing but the breeze for company. You can picture yourself in a cave overlooking the ocean with service a signal away. Then wake up to realize this is all possible in Bali.

A quaint, private space to spend quality time with your life partner is a liberating experience these romantic luxury villas in Bali can give; a charm that is truly Balinese!

Villa Bayad

Villa Bayad embodies what Bali offers as a whole. When you are thinking of losing yourself in nature, it does not get better than in Bayad. This 4-bedroom villa is set north of Ubud, which is Bali’s cultural center. The villa is a 15-minute drive from the center where restaurants and shops await the holidaymakers.

Villa Bayad is set amidst an 8,000 square meter garden that is brimming with flowers, the cascade of waterfalls and the lotus-filled ponds. Facing Mount Agung, and with rice paddies surrounding it, you have the perfect setting for a quiet fellowship with nature next to your loved one. All this can be enjoyed while being catered to by a discrete staff.

Villa Bidadari Cliffside

Giving you a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean in Nusa Dua, Bali is Villa Bidadari Cliffside. Another one of Bali’s most romantic villas, it boasts a commanding view from atop the cliffside.

As you enter the grounds, you are blown away by the tranquility emanating from here. Resolute Buddha statues that are like sentries in the flora-filled garden stand in attention when you come into this four bedroom villa estate. You are greeted with upscale service as you are offered cold towels and cocktails to soothe you down. As you check into your room, you realize you have the floor to ceiling windows that open out to a breathtaking view of the ocean as far as the eye can see.

You can plunge in the outdoor bathtubs outside your bedroom, or if you feel inclined to more privacy, you can take up the private cabana at the bottom of the cliff. Exclusive and breathtaking are what describe this villa made perfect for you as a couple.

Villa Cliffland

Losing yourself in nature with your loved one does not have any better definition like in Villa Cliffland. Having been brought together by reclaimed teak wood cottages, this splendid lovers getaway of Bali’s most romantic villas is tucked away in Ubud’s Sayan Ridge and gives a stunning view of the Sayan Valley and the Ayung River.

The natural vegetation has been preserved to give you an authentic experience in this wooden palace. Every suite has its private open space and garden where you can engage in different activities with your partner.

A greater lounging area is available with more space to interact and lose yourself in the scenic surrounding. Just seven minutes from Ubud Center, you are close enough to extra amenities, while your primary ones are precisely catered to in this romantic getaway.

Villa Amber

Few things excite the soul, and one of them is experiencing an authentic culture far removed from your own. This is what Villa Amber presents to you just a few meters from the sea. Surrounded by the normal life of the community, you are nourished by sights and sounds of the Bali people as they move to the rhythm of the local life. As fishermen cast out to sea or bring in their catch, and as rice farmers go through their different steps, you are caught in the rhythm of the dance. This location will sweep you away as you enjoy the local scenery with your better half.

Villa Asta

There are times when you want to get lost as more than one couple. In such times, Villa Asta is where you should aim to go to. A 5-bedroom villa just five minutes from Seminyak, the villa gives you the best of interactive activities that you can enjoy with your couple friends. A few minutes from Batubelig Beach, the romantic atmosphere is heightened in this space by the flora surrounding it. It is exclusively located, giving you all the privacy you will need.

Getting away from the world to be with your life partner is always a tall order. Not so when you pick one of Bali’s most romantic villas. You can truly get away from the world into your world made just for the two of you. Privacy is guaranteed while being catered to by staff who keep a low profile to give you your much-needed relaxing and rejuvenating quality time. Serenity is your perfect ambiance in these locations, giving you a platform to further cement your relationship.