More and more people are spending their money on experiences rather than things, and traveling to different parts of the world have become on top of the list for those who seek adventure and experiences that are truly unforgettable.

While bringing home pictures of attractions and souvenirs from gift shops define traveling in the past, today’s generation has truly changed the game when it comes to travel – reshaping and revolutionizing the experience by taking it to new heights while also bringing it back to its true core.

Luxury travel, experiential travel, and transformational travel define the new trend that’s completely changing what it means to be “there” in a certain place. No longer is it enough to be pampered, to stay in a 5-star hotel, or to visit famous landmarks and attractions.

Travel today has taken on a unique definition that goes beyond the journey and destination.

Luxury Travel

What does it mean when you travel in luxury? Does it mean a private jet or a private yacht to get to your destination? Does it mean staying at a 5-star hotel? While both of these standards still do apply, luxury travel today can mean an entirely different experience.

Because people are no longer content with merely visiting sites and attractions, unique and one-of-a-kind itineraries that others can’t afford are what people are seeking. A private tennis lesson with one of the world’s top players in your private villa? Or a private exceptional dining experience on a sandbar in the Pacific? Such activities are now defining luxury travel experiences that go way beyond high-end accommodation.

Experiential Travel

Cookie-cutter itineraries no longer appeal to many tourists, especially millennials who veer away from the ordinary and are looking for more immersive excursions that are off the beaten path.

Experiential travel means looking for more authentic experiences that involve more participation rather than observation. An example would be learning Muay Thai rather than taking pictures of people practicing in a park, or looking for hidden gems right beside famous tourist spots, or helping a group of fishermen pull their catch from a net on the beach.

Befriending locals and learning their way of life by actually doing what they do bring new knowledge and broadens one’s horizons, creating a more informed global citizen with genuine respect for cultures and its people.

Transformational Travel

A form of travel wherein the person who left home is no longer the person who comes back. Transformational travel is life-changing and has achieved through more in-depth immersive experiences such as learning from a shaman for months, or living with a local family and learning their history and way of living.

The purpose of this form of travel is to change your perspective and ultimately to transform the way you empathize with people from all walks of life, the way you see the world, and how you should live your life from that moment.

Can You Experience All Forms in One Travel Alone?

When you’re traveling in luxury, you can still immerse yourself with the culture of the community around you, as well as explore places that are out of the ordinary, while still being pampered at your accommodation at the end of the day.

While some people travel for a specific purpose, there’s no question that you can experience all forms in just one vacation or holiday.

Tips For a Travel Worthy Stay

They say that happiness is never real unless you share it with someone, and this is why traveling with family or friends is the best kind of travel for anyone. Private villas of The Private World have made way for groups of travelers to enjoy 5-star services and amenities in their exclusive property, creating memories and experiences that are truly unique and unforgettable.

Most private villas are situated in exclusive areas or isolated rural communities, paving the way for guests to step outside and experience a country’s unique culture and the locals’ way of life. Authenticity, opulence, and life-changing experiences are truly changing the very definition of what it means to travel today.