Traveling to Phuket with kids is a wonderful idea but it requires some planning and preparation. While renting a luxury villa is a great step you can take to ensure a comfortable stay for your family, look for child-friendly amenities before making a reservation. Whether you are traveling with newborns, curious toddlers, or school going kids, we recommend checking-in one of these 9 child-friendly villas in Phuket. We have handpicked each of these villas based on the kid-friendly facilities and services offered onsite.

1. Villa Amarapura Phuket

From the Villa Amarapura, you can see the azure water and blue skies merge into one, but more than that, it is popular for being child-friendly. The two-story building has a few steps, which makes it safe for toddlers. There is a spacious lawn where the kids can enjoy an outdoor picnic. The reflection pool serves as a kiddie pool for the little ones to enjoy a splash. Facilities like a baby cot and high chairs are available.

There are lounge areas with comfortable day beds, Jacuzzi for two, fully equipped gym, and indoor and outdoor game area for adults.

2. Villa Analaya

Situated close to Kamala beach, Villa Analaya is a two-story building situated in an easy to reach the western coastline. There are lush garden play areas and spacious floor areas for the little tots to explore the surroundings to their heart’s content. There is a separate TV room for kids so they can watch their favorite show while you play a game of tennis or workout. Baby cot and high chairs are available.

For the adults, there are well-designed lounge areas by the pool. Theirs is also a well-equipped fitness room and a tennis court found within the estate.

3. Villa Kalyana

This 5-star private villa is located in a world-class destination that is home to luxurious yachts. The services are carefully appointed to make your stay comfortable with kids. Two of the villa’s four spacious rooms are connected to each other, and one of them has twin beds to accommodate small guests. There’s also a special TV room for kids to enjoy their shows. You may ask for baby cot and high chairs if needed.

Villa Kalyana has a beautifully designed deck area where you can see the gorgeous sunset bathe the stunning mangroves with its rays.

4. Villa Padma

Sitting pretty on the stunning Cape Yamu, Villa Padma is a two-story building with spacious terrace for the little ones to play. There are extensive garden areas to enjoy family time or have a picnic. Kids can spend their time playing in the lovely swing. There are baby cots and high chairs available on request. For adults, they have an infinity pool, BBQ area, games room, cinema room, and massage services to name a few. In the villa, you can see artistic Japanese and Thai designs in the living room, dining spaces, and guestrooms too.

5. Villa Sawan

This luxurious vacation home is designed to suit diverse tastes and meet the requirements of travelers belonging to different age groups. Rooms and terrace areas are spacious for the kids to run about and play. There is a kid’s pool for the tiny tots to have a great time while the adults relax in the infinity pool. Like all of the villas in our collection, Villa Sawan also provides baby cots and high chairs.

The villa has a fully equipped fitness room and a games room where you can play foosball, ping- pong, and air hockey.

6. Villa Tievoli

Villa Tievoli is a 7-bedroom villa that exudes opulence and features an exquisite design. Small guests can stay engaged in the kid’s room that features beautifully made play bunk beds. There is also a mini library and toys to read storybooks and play. Your little explorer can enjoy having fun outdoors in the beachfront garden area. Services like baby cots and high chair are available on request.

The villa has private access to the stunning Natai beach and it is surrounded by an infinity pool that almost stretches to the ocean.

7. Villa Verai

This 6-bedroom villa is situated on the spectacular Cape Yamu. Besides the unique design and amazing ambiance, child-friendly services make this Villa Verai popular with families. There is an extensive outdoor play area where the kids can enjoy while you cool –off after a tiring day. Rooms are spacious and there is also a special swimming area for kids. Child-facilities like baby cots and high chair are also available on request.

Adults can enjoy a game of volleyball in the garden area. For indoor activities, there is a cinema room with velvety seats and a fitness room.

8. Villa Vikasa

This villa lets you escape to a world of luxury where kids will also have lots to do and enjoy. This is a two-level structure so you don’t have to climb a lot of stairs with kids. Guestrooms and living areas are spacious with wonderful views of the verdant landscape and azure sea. This is a great surrounding to help children appreciate and develop the love for nature. There’s ample outdoor play area for the little tots to keep busy. High chairs and baby cots are available for newborns and toddlers.

For the adults, Villa Vikasa has a gorgeous infinity pool, a game room with a pool table, and choice of outdoor and indoor dining.

9. Villa Kalipay

Kalipay is a word that means ‘happiness’ and the villa management makes sure guests of all ages have a happy time indeed. The boutique size villa makes it easier to keep an eye on children playing in the lush garden area or spacious terrace. Guestrooms and living areas are spacious for small guests to wander about and play. Baby cots and high chairs are available for newborns and toddlers.

Villa Kalipay boasts a home theater with business class seats. There’s also a fully equipped fitness room, infinity swimming pool, and outdoor salsa with BBQ grill.


When you are on a vacation, it pays to ensure that every member of the family, big and small, old and young are able to enjoy to the fullest. These 9 child-friendly villas in Phuket will keep your family entertained and offer an unforgettable holiday experience.

No matter how child-friendly a villa is, there is simply no alternative to the attention and care that adults provide. But with the amenities and personalized services that these villas offer, you can be more confident that your vacation will be an experience that the children can truly enjoy while at the same time, a chance for the adults to relax and unwind.