At an age where smartphones have effectively doubled up as personal assistants, there’s basically a useful app for every purpose you can think of. These have come in handy for the luxury traveler offering assistance in many other functions aside from currency conversions and room reservations. In that spirit, we bring you seven luxury travel apps that’ll do all the hard work for you so that you can travel in style.


This app gets you your boat, and a highly grandiose one at that if need be. Fueled by the desire to become the gold standard of boating rentals, “Getmyboat” offers lessons, charters, tours, yachts, and everything applicable to waterways around the world. In essence, as Airbnb is to the hotel industry, so is this brand to the boat rental sector. Yachting and boating are popular activities in many luxury tourist destinations including Phuket which is home to four world-class marinas.

There are vessel rental listings sprawling upwards of 170 nations within the app totaling to options numbering more than 75,000. Whether it is a jet ski you’re looking for or a complete boathouse with all the modern amenities of a life of privilege, you’ll find just that and everything else in between.



PrivateFly was the first of its kind when it was released almost a decade ago and it is one geared at availing global and private flight options to travelers looking for important information such as pricing and booking details. From Aalborg to Zurich in Denmark and Switzerland respectively, charter packages appear in alphabetical order for your convenience.

If you’d like to skip the cumbersome formalities of conventional flying, JetSmarter is also a nice alternative to consider. The service brings together the Middle East and Europe whilst also providing hassle-free connections all the way to the United States.



That time prior to boarding your flight can be an uncomfortable period spent waiting in line, staring out at the runway and contending with noisy crowds. “Loungebuddy” aims to ensure you don’t find yourself in such a situation instead spend your time waiting in a lavish lounge furnished with contemporary delights.

The app gives important and specific information such as featured amenities, cost, and airport lounge locations so that you can pick out your favorite. Lounges are grouped into four categories namely basic, solid, fresh and luxe with each offering progressively increasing class in that order.


Luxe City Guides

No matter how much information travel tabloids put at your disposal, nothing compares to having your own local tour guide. The Luxe City Guides app aims to take on that job giving you insider tips on the best joints in towns including much-praised shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and major attractions in that city.

Some standout features of the mobile app include offline access to maps and content and a constantly updated database detailing more than 6000 recommendations. Luxe City can also help you come up with a suitable itinerary for the city in question.


Velocity Black

Velocity Black offers the complete travel experience taking care of where to go if you’re not settled on a destination as well as why and what to do there and everything else involved in the process. It opens doors to an invitation-only global community well-versed with hidden gems around the planet.

The company behind the app aims to provide experiential travel offering distinct twists to the very same attractions for different people. From adventures reaching into outer space to cuddling with Orca whales in Norway, the app offers plenty including private plane bookings and elusive tickets to sold-out shows.



If you’d like to have a full concierge team that’s always ready to execute your wishes and handle various arrangements during your travel, “Redbutler” gives an experienced and dedicated butler in that locality aided by a receptionist among other staff.

It also discloses various essential details of your destination of travel and helps you reserve the finest seats at high-end bars or clubs and prestigious restaurants. The app can even take care of planning out your vacation in its entirety if you so wish.