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Kaba Kaba is a deeply rooted traditional Balinese community. It sits in the Tabanan Regency located in the South-West part of Bali. The Village is one of the areas that has managed to preserve its heritage over the years to full degree. Locals refer to it as Bali’s rice bowl. This is a reflection of the rich sense of tradition that people can see in abundant rice paddies that stretch on all sides of Kaba Kaba. Only volcanic summits of Mount Batukaru, Agung, and Batur interrupt the luscious landscapes.

Guests hardly believe that such a world exists when they set foot in Kaba Kaba Village, thanks to its authentic sense of Bali’s paradisiacal lifestyle. The idyllic locale has plenty to offer with a wide range of luxurious villas for anyone looking to stay in high-end accommodations.

There are also endless opportunities for cycling, walking, or horseback riding to explore the region. Guests can also uncover a trove of historic shrines and temples dating back to the 14th century within the village. Black sand Sese beach is within easy reach. Anyone looking for a hive of beach bars and side cafes can take a few minutes to Echo beach or Seminyak which is about half an hour away to indulge in fine dining and shop in indulgent boutiques.