Koh Samui is unquestionably a premium Thailand destination. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, it enjoys an easily accessible position, either by air or by ferry. The island has numerous beautiful beaches running across the coastlines and boasts of affordable accommodations for different types of visitors. Some tourists would probably think that they can quickly tour the island within one day. But in reality, the island has so much to offer that one day is just not enough to cover even a small fraction of its beautiful places – from paradise-like beaches to national parks, not to mention a multitude of activities Koh Samui offers for the adventurous travelers.

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Elephant Trekking

The mighty elephant is Thailand’s national animal – the only one that symbolizes royalty and strength. The fact that a significant part of Samui is a tropical rainforest, activities such as traveling on an elephant’s back while experiencing the wondrous landscapes and amazing sights would be an excellent choice for an exciting expedition.

This unique activity will take you through the jungles and rivers, allowing you to experience breathtaking views that have been nature’s haven for thousands of years. Not even bad terrain or muddy paths can stop the mighty elephant from reaching any landmark you would want to see. You can even reach Samui’s famous Namuang 1 Waterfalls, where you can enjoy the beautiful sight of the refreshing waters and the variety of birds that contribute to the place’s uncompromised serenity.

Choosing a travel agent that provides elephant trekking tour requires care and caution. But Koh Samui has a number of reputable and long established travel agencies such as the Living Thailand Tours. If you book your elephant trekking tour with the Living Thailand Tours, you will definitely be assured that you are paying good value and integrity for your money. Khun Kongsak Chanpuang, also known to many by his nickname Khun Add, has long stood out to be a very pleasant and sincere man who in fact brought the first elephants to Samui more than 20 years ago. Khun Add remained professional, friendly, and his elephants will not let you down on your next trek.

Quad Bikes

The Sea – The Sand – The Sun. Three major reasons why Samui has remained and continues to be a spot-on destination in Thailand. Over the years, so much has been added to these three reasons. One additional and new reason for choosing Samui to be your holiday destination is a unique activity that involves the rattling sounds that quiver through the air, the distinct sound of tires squeaks and bursts of sand caused by highly addictive need-for-speed machines – or more popularly known as the Quad Bikes!

These All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs) are four-wheeled motorbikes featuring an incomparable advantage of being incredibly stable. These ATVs in many cases have the capacity to push forward with amazing torque, dashing through the muddy unleveled tracks cut out specifically for them through most of Koh Samui. You cannot afford to miss this activity on your next trip. Even amateur rides will have a great time as there are supervisors who are always on the lookout for your safety just in case a wrong gear is engaged, or a wrong maneuver is made.

It is without a doubt that the best established Quad Bike provider in Samui is the “Quadrophenia Samui ATV Mountain Tours.” Their fleet of Yamaha and Polaris ATVs range from 125cc to 700cc. There are automatic-geared machines perfect for first-time riders and that can accommodate all ages.

Riding through the jungle trails and mountainside durian plantations is an extraordinary experience that will make you feel extremely excited. The tour will take you to several amazing locations including a mountaintop temple and museum including the Big Buddha, a private waterfalls, 360-degree viewpoints and so much more. On special arrangements, your package experience will even include hotel pickup.

Go Kart

Many tourists, including those in their late 60’s have fancied getting behind the wheels of a Formula 1 race car one way or the other. Just imagining the adrenaline rush one gets from a full speed automobile would surely send any race driver wannabe’s heart pounding so fast from excitement. Well, stop all imagining because the Samui Go-Kart in Bophut will make your dream a reality. The 500-meter long track comes in various categories and options. It is one of Samui’s oldest man-made attractions with the course now standing and in operation for more than 20 years.

With a 25-horsepower, 4-stroke engine that gets you running on the top speed of up to 125 km per hour, nothing can be more exciting than a moto-Formula 1–like racing. A short 10 minutes is all you will be given but short as it may sound; you’d feel completely worked out and want to be out!

There is also a package offered for children and beginners – they are usually given auto-powered Karts with lower engine power like 13 horsepower for fairly slower speed.

Go Fishing

Most tourists know that Koh Samui is surrounded by a coastline. And where there is a coast, you are sure to find fishermen. It is noteworthy to mention that having skills in fishing is not unusual for people on the island. In fact, fishing activity is an all-year-round activity in Samui. The majority of the fishing excursions offered in Samui involve a day’s trip for anglers who want to go out and have a water-based fun for an hour or two.

Over the years, a pattern of fishing has evolved as tourists around the world have introduced more fun-based type of fisheries. “Around the Island” or “Out towards deep water” fishing is determined by how much fun or how long one wishes to spend out there in the open waters.

Jeep Jungle Tour

There is nothing more fascinating than having nature tours in Samui. If you think you had all that nature has to offer, then you haven’t tried the Jeep Jungle tour.  Integrated into this unique full-day elephant trekking tour are a fantastic and up-close view of the magnificent waterfalls, and paying respect to the mummified Buddhist monk. You will get the opportunity to marvel at the spectacular mountains that will make you appreciate and sigh in awe at the beauty Samui offers.

Mr. Ungs Safaris is one of Samui’s experts in outdoor day excursion and tours, and he’s proven unrivaled when it comes to giving you a memorable, magical tour that is nothing but top-notch. The tour will give you a taste of Samui ‘s nature treats, discover carefully hidden cultural sanctuaries while learning some of the traditional professions and enjoy refreshing yet wild time under the waterfalls. You’ll be mesmerized with the fantastic and breathtaking views you will witness on this tour.

Bungee Jump

Are you ready to push your adrenaline to the limits? Are you not afraid of heights? And what if you decide to have your body thrust out into the gusty winds on a full speed fall? If you have the stomach and tolerance for this kind of activity, you will surely love what you will get from a Bungee Jump. You will get yourself plunging from over 50 meters height into the specially-built Bungee splash pool off Soi Reggae. This specially designed “crystal-like” pool gives you a mind-blowing experience of spinning at full gravity speed towards it, touch it and then re-plunge in absolute awe!

Whether backward bungee or running bungee – you won’t be disappointed.  Samui Bungee Jump will give you an extraordinary experience as they are the well-experienced and most prominent in the field for many years. They have friendly bungee jump technicians who are fully qualified and skilled to AJ Hackett standards, and they are there to make sure that you take home with you an experience of a lifetime.

Zipline Adventure

Samui, being a great destination has been known to have such sceneries like fantastic beaches, springs, waterfalls, jungles and many more other attractions. Amongst the numerous activities you can enjoy includes the Zipline Adventure where you get to practically fly over the tropical forest and springs on cable rides. The best bird’s eye view of this adventure activity will surely be an experience you will treasure for many years. Gears are provided for safety, and the low-rides in certain spots will have you touching the tree tops and having a feel of the tropical nature Samui jungles offer.

Kite Boarding

Simply doing nothing and just enjoying the water, waves and the winds can get you pleased and satisfied already. But for those who want more than that, kiteboarding is the way to go. This sport is a must for water lovers.

Kiteboarding involves a kite being attached to a surfing board using strong cords and released into the wind. The wind will push forth the kite and as a result, it will pull you and your board to run through the waves. This however, isn’t really simple as it sounds. You will need some lessons if you have not done this before or if you are an amateur in kiteboarding. After taking some lessons, that’s when you will be allowed to try it. As mentioned earlier, the wind is the major determining factor in getting this activity up and going. During the months of November to February, wind knots on the Samui waters hit between 8 to 20 which means that this period is actually the best time to go kiteboarding.

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With so many adventure activity options to try in Samui, there’s no doubt that you will find yourself engaged in countless adventurous activities that suit your personal and thrill preferences. While Samui remains packed with guests and a diversified range of activities, caution must be exercised when booking for any of these activities. Keep in mind that not every provider on the Island will give you value for your money. You need to make the right choices. Deal only with legitimate and genuine hotel booking sites (such as Mantra Samui Resort, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort or even Sareeraya Villas & Suites, all of which continue to get high ranking) and allow only the expert tour guides and service providers to take care and handle your holiday activities to make sure you get nothing less than a memorable holiday experience in Samui!

Welcome and enjoy your holidays at Koh Samui!

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