These unprecedented times have hampered and placed many travel plans across the world on hold. While some travelers are itching to set their vacation plans in motion as soon as travel bans are lifted, it has also left many travelers in a demotivated and uninspired state – losing sight of meaningful reasons to travel. As travel possibilities open up in the future, so too does the demand for purposeful experiences.

Whether to the beautiful Thai islands of Phuket or Koh Samui, the gorgeous Indonesian isle of Bali, or the winter playground that is Niseko, plenty of reasons remain to book a trip. Here are 10 Motivations for Purposeful Future Travel:

Celebrate an occasion or a personal milestone

A romantic dinner setting by the beach

From birthdays to anniversaries, as well as an exciting new chapter in life or a promotion at work, there are so many occasions to rejoice with a vacation. A holiday can even be a great way to celebrate recovery from health issues or personal problems too, taking care to give back to yourself as well as others. If ever there was a time to look forward to celebrating in the future and booking a holiday, it is now. Take it as a reason to acknowledge and be grateful for all the goodness we have despite the difficult times.

Revisit a destination

Being so popular, many travelers have visited the gorgeous islands of Thailand and the beauty spot that is Bali before. The nostalgia of revisiting a destination where you have happy memories can only enhance the vacation experience the second time around. Perhaps you visited Koh Samui with friends in your youth and want to return with family and a more luxury stay, yet remembering that first trip too. Or maybe you proposed to your other half in Phuket and would like to revisit with your first child. Or perhaps you’ve been to Niseko for a ski vacation during winter and would like to see what it’s like during summer. Revisiting a destination also allows you to finally try activities or visit places of interest that you may have missed, or experience new developments that weren’t around on your first visit.

Get some much-needed R&R

A woman meditating in a relaxing tropical setting.

After what has undeniably been a strange and stressful time, a vacation is the ideal antidote to ease tensions and inspire the body and mind to totally unwind, getting you out of the rut. Lack of fresh air and exercise, as well as anxiety all take their toll. A luxury villa stay by the coast with relaxing days feeling the sand between your toes or lounging by an infinity pool breathes new life into living. Thailand and Bali are both supreme spa-therapy and wellness destinations too, promising endless hours of pampering.

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Spend quality time with your loved ones

If there is one thing everybody is looking forward to in the future it is not just travel but escaping with loved ones. Sharing amazing new experiences, valuing relationships with family, and reconnecting with friends are all at the forefront of many people’s minds. A lot of families have been separated, with grandparents not seeing their grandkids for a while and even some parents distanced too. Organizing a trip where you can all spend quality time together in the same place without feeling cramped or claustrophobic is wonderful.

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Stay productive while having fun

A villa office and study room. Photo from Villa Padma, one of the most luxurious villas in Phuket.

While there are many reasons why people are unable to take time off from work, bleisure travel allows them to indulge in a vacation while staying productive. Not only does this create a better balance between work and personal life, it also boosts morale and reduces stress levels as well. Workaholic corporate travelers on a business trip to meet a client or inspect a location can squeeze in some leisure time in between. Digital nomads or freelancers with flexible schedules can work on the go while discovering new places and experiences. Some villas even feature work and study rooms where guests can retreat and stay on top of work while away.

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A launchpad to a road of self-discovery

Travel broadens your horizons and creates the space you need to evaluate your own life and your place in the world. Taking some time out alone or at least booking a stay that is spacious enough to be a retreat when you need it to be can be therapeutic. It is a great way of mindfully anchoring who you are, reflecting on your perspectives, and even working through inner issues. A vacation can change your life as you may return deciding on a new direction and letting your creativity flow.

Broaden your palate with new cuisine

A private chef serving authentic Thai specialties.

What makes a place special? Important elements are the stay, the location, the people, and most definitely the food. Asian cuisine is incredible and many tourists are drawn to Thailand to sample those classic sweet, sour, spicy, and salty flavors all rolled deliciously into one dish. Fresh seafood by the beach, local specialties, and private al fresco dining with a private chef at your vacation villa are just some foodie delights. Look forward to not cooking at home and going on a culinary journey with a food tour, splendid buffets, and sampling snacks at festivals and night markets. Enjoy cooking classes to take home favorite recipes or sit-down to a romantic dinner by the sea.

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Cultural immersion for meaningful experiences

Feeling at-one
with other people is extraordinary, as is exploring different cultures and immersing yourself in authentic experiential travel. What people want on vacation, and certainly after such a period of solitude, is to feel connected. The best way to really resonate with a destination is to integrate with the local people and take the time to understand and learn about a country’s heritage, traditions, and beliefs. Responsible travel, whereby you leave a positive footprint on a landscape, is about feel-good vacations. Getting involved in an eco-tourism activity and supporting local businesses is a great start.

A quest for adventure and active pursuits

Skiers skiing down the slopes of Annupuri in Niseko.

Boredom and lethargy can impact every aspect of your being, from your sense of self to your relationships and even your mental health and career goals. To energize, get active with some vacation-style pursuits. Go island-hopping or if you are a thrill-seeker then what about scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking? There is so much to do from surfing in Bali to fishing in Thailand. If you prefer snow rather than sun then what about a skiing trip to Japan’s Niseko, the powder capital of the world?

Simply discover the beauty of a destination

Sometimes this reason is more than good enough. A stunning vista and glorious setting are not only visually appealing but can change your mood and your outlook. Everybody appreciates how the simplicity of a beautiful destination can inspire positivity. Discovering your own oasis by the beach or even on the sparkling slopes of a world-class ski resort can somehow lift the spirits. Choosing a vacation spot that has plenty of natural attractions instantly makes you feel at ease and lets you switch off from your normal life. Many of us travel to simply quench our wanderlust – that inner desire to discover and explore new destinations.


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