Drawn from the experiences of millions of bona fide travelers, Bali has just topped the Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Popular Destinations (Worldwide) according to Tripadvisor’s 2021 Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Long-time travelers and those just looking to escape into a true paradise will delight in the island’s resilience despite the previous year’s restrictions and challenges in traveling. Everyone can agree that traveling in 2020 has been unlike any other experience, but Bali still stood out to be the place that left the best impression on jet-setters.

As Tripadvisor puts it, everyone started to travel more locally and closer to home last year. Travelers grew a newfound appreciation for their own hometowns as they started seeing them in a new light. The Travelers’ Popular Destinations Awards is a reminder of these beautiful destinations so everyone can look forward to traveling again.

As people start to plan their future trips, the island of Bali remains to be a must-visit for a multitude of reasons. Aside from the incredible beaches of Bali, the rich and unique culture of the Balinese sets the island apart from any other island destination.

Bali also provides plenty of exceptional experiences for their guests including a selection of the best surfing spots and many revered Hindu temples waiting to be explored. Art aficionados can partake in cultural art classes that delve into the traditional and modern art forms of Bali and learn the heritage behind them. For tourists who love basking in nature, Bali has spectacular rice terraces as well as the majestic and sacred Mt. Batur. Of course, traveling to Bali won’t be complete without trying their mouth-watering Balinese cuisine.

When it comes to accommodations, there is definitely something for everyone on the island. From quaint hostels with laid-back atmospheres to an array of luxury villas in Bali that will make you feel like you’re living a life straight out of a postcard.

Aside from Bali, other Asian destinations that made it to the top 15 of the worldwide list include the charming city of Hanoi in Vietnam and the paradisiacal island of Phuket in Thailand.

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